Quote with 25+ commercial insurance carriers.
One submission. Dozens of quotes at your fingertips.
No minimums
No requirements
Quote, bind, issue
How it works

Open your computer

Complete a quick quote form, all online. No paper apps. No fax machines. Just you, your laptop, and a cup of joe.

Sign, bind, pay online

The journey is simple: never leave the platform (except to fill your cup of joe). From start to finish, it’s streamlined, all in platform – even servicing. Another perk: renewals are automatic.

The small print

There is none. No minimums, no requirements, and you own your book. Registration is quick and easy. In fact, most agents are registered to writing same day.

Certificates of Insurance in a jiff

Instant workers’ comp ghost policies

When it comes to workers’ comp, it seems like everyone needed a policy yesterday. While we may be mere humans, we’ve developed the tech to offer quotes in seconds.

Say goodbye to the Assigned Risk. And the mid-term audits that come with it. SolePro’s rapid quoting software delivers bindable Solo X quotes, on the spot.

Quit rekeying information in multiple portals

Compare A rated carriers with a single submission

You’ve got clients to take care of. So, maximize your time. Spend two minutes submitting an insurance application with us, and our technology will do the rest.

Rather than logging into several platforms to access multiple quotes, enter one submission with SolePro, and receive multiple quotes back from A rated carriers.

Partners with an appetite

Broad coverage for an array of businesses

Hundreds of years of experience. Thousands policies served. We work with industry leaders, because your clients deserve A-rated coverage, and you deserve best in class service.

From large, multi-state operations, to owner-only accounts, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to cover a fleet operator or an owner-operator, you’re in the right place. We can write hundreds of classes, countrywide with our industry-best carrier partners.


Access the best insurance carriers countrywide

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