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DIY Culture Doesn’t Stop With Insurance

DIY Culture Doesn't Stop With Insurance

In recent years, DIY culture has become a significant part of modern life, influencing everything from home improvement to personal finance management. This shift is driven by easy access to online information, a desire for personalized solutions, and the cost-saving benefits of doing things oneself. One area where DIY culture has particularly thrived is online insurance quoting. As clients become more tech-savvy, insurance agents need to adapt to stay competitive. InsurForm is one example of a  tool that independent agents can use to streamline the insurance quoting process. It caters to both DIY insureds and traditional clients.

While DIY isn’t new, its impact has grown significantly in the digital age. Platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and numerous blogs provide step-by-step guides for almost any project, empowering people to tackle tasks they might have left to professionals. According to a Harvard Business Review study, the DIY market is booming, with many consumers preferring to handle projects themselves for control, customization, and cost-efficiency. Many consumer-facing InsurTechs like Lemonade and Pogo, already provide self-service quoting retail platforms. But now, agent-facing InsurTechs like SolePro are creating solutions for independent agents to offer quotes form their own website 24/7, too. (See: InsurForm)

The rise of DIY Culture in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry hasn’t escaped the DIY trend. Consumers increasingly seek control over their insurance needs, researching information, comparing quotes, and purchasing policies online without speaking to an agent. This shift is driven by:

1. Access to Information: The internet is a treasure trove of information. Potential policyholders can research different types of insurance, understand the nuances of coverage, and read reviews about insurance companies, all from the comfort of their home.

2. Convenience: Online quoting platforms allow consumers to get insurance quotes at any time, bypassing traditional office hours. This convenience is a significant draw for busy individuals.

3. Customization: DIY tools let consumers customize their insurance policies to fit their specific needs, rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Impact of Self-Service Options on Bind Conversions

Self-service options significantly increase consumer engagement and purchasing rates. In the insurance industry, a Forrester study found that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase insurance from providers offering online self-service options. Additionally, 56% of policyholders prefer digital channels for buying and managing their insurance policies, highlighting the growing demand for self-service solutions. One example is InsurForm, a self-service D2C quoting feature recently launched by SolePro. With InsurForm, agents can put a no-code quote form on their own website.

Challenges for Insurance Agents

While the rise of DIY insurance quoting offers many benefits to consumers, it poses several challenges for insurance agents. Traditional agents, who rely on personal interactions and tailored advice, may find themselves struggling to compete with the convenience and accessibility of online quoting systems. Key challenges include:

  1. Competition with Online Platforms: Online platforms offer quick and easy quotes, often attracting consumers who might otherwise consult an agent.
  2. Maintaining Personal Relationships: Building and maintaining personal relationships with clients becomes more difficult when consumers are inclined to handle everything online.
  3. Adapting to Technology: Agents must continuously adapt to new technologies and online tools to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

InsurForm can help bridge the DIY Culture Gap

InsurForm bridges the gap between DIY culture and personalized service. By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, InsurForm empowers agents to offer the best of both worlds. Here’s how:

Streamlined Quoting Process: InsurForm allows agents to generate accurate, competitive quotes quickly, saving time and ensuring clients get the best rates.
Analytics Insights: Track your customers’ journey with our detailed analytics. You’ll see the status of every quote and get reports to understand consumer behavior. Spot abandoned forms and follow up with those who didn’t complete their purchase, helping you refine your marketing and save money. Easily identify and reach out to potential customers who dropped out of the funnel.
Organization: All customer submissions from your quote form are saved in your dashboard. You’ll effortlessly follow up and track each application’s progress, with all risk information, contact details, and quotes in one convenient place.
Easy Follow-Ups: Quickly view all incomplete applications and follow up with the insured to finish the process.
Lead Capture: Capture leads 24/7 with our user-friendly form. Whether customers complete all questions or not, you’ll gather their contact info, allowing you to remarket or requote effectively. Never miss a lead with our application lead portal.
Integration: Our form integrates seamlessly into the SolePro dashboard, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your customers.
Offer Online Quoting on Your Website: Let clients access quotes directly from your website without needing to contact you. All lead data is tracked and recorded.
Optimized Quoting: InsurForm has been tested by small businesses and is optimized to reduce drop-offs in the quoting process. Businesses can get quick, instant quotes, minimizing form abandonment.

Embracing the Future of DIY Culture

The insurance industry is at a crossroads where traditional methods and modern technology must converge to meet evolving consumer needs. InsurForm enables agents to embrace the DIY culture while maintaining their role as trusted advisors. By adopting InsurForm, agents can offer the convenience and flexibility clients demand, without sacrificing the personal touch that sets them apart. InsurForm’s comprehensive features help agents compete with online quoting systems, build stronger client relationships, and drive business growth.

DIY culture is here to stay, and its influence on the insurance industry is undeniable. As consumers handle more of their insurance needs online, agents must adapt to stay relevant. InsurForm combines technological efficiency with personalized service, helping agents navigate the modern market, deliver exceptional service, and secure their future in the industry. Embrace the future with InsurForm and transform how you serve your clients in the digital age.


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