Add an instant workers' comp quote form to your site, for free. No coding required.

Offer your clients instant ghost policy quotes.
InsurForm is your own D2C workers’ comp quote form.


No developers
No integrations
100% free

Add an instant self-service quote form to your site

With InsurForm, you can sit back and let the apps roll in.


Simply paste a custom quote form link to your website and marketing materials. Clients can also access the link via text or email.

Make it yours

Add your logo to your InsurForm landing page so your clients have a seamless, branded experience.

100% free

Once registered with us (for free), you’ll have access to your InsurForm link (also free).

So easy, anyone can do it.

Add an instant quote form to your website without coding.

No one wants to fall behind in today’s fast-paced world, but at times it’s hard to keep up. Finding resources (time, developers, money) can be a headache at best, or it may just be out of the question if you’re a smaller agency. With InsurForm, agents can not only save money – because it’s free – but make money, while they’re at it.

It’s streamlined.

Your client deserves a great experience. So do you.

No longer will agents have to follow up with insureds, walk them through application questions, or manage signatures or payments. Cut through the clutter and offer clients an easy solution.

How it works

It’s literally copy and paste

First, you’ll register with SolePro. We have no minimums or requirements, and you own your book. From there, you’ll have access to your InsurForm link. Simply copy the link, and paste it wherever you see fit. Add it to your website in seconds. Slap it on your marketing emails. You can even text the link directly to your client.

Why it works

You can grant your client autonomy.

You’re busy. Your client is busy. People are busy. This instant quote form allows insureds to complete the app on their own time. They can grab a quote whenever, wherever. It makes sense for everyone. It’s quick, easy, and requires little effort from both parties. Nice!

About the policy

It’s the best alternative to the Assigned Risk.

Solo X, SolePro’s proprietary ghost policy product, is a breeze compared to the Assigned Risk Pool. No long turnaround times. No mid-term audits. More competitive rates. And, we have great markets. 

Solo X is a minimum premium workers’ comp ghost policy that can be obtained countrywide. This excluded owner-only policy is great for artisan contractors, trucking risks, and more. In fact, Solo X serves hundreds of class codes.


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