Solo X

Minimum premium workers' comp for businesses with no employees.

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Eligible Applicants Businesses with no employees, day laborers, or subcontractors.
Eligible Entities Sole Proprietors, LLCs, Non-contracting S-corps.
Minimum Premium WC
Owner/Officer Coverage
Increased Limits Available
Accident Policy
Waivers Available
Pay Plans Available
Online Submission

Insured Email
SSN (Tax IDs not accepted)
Age Restriction 18-70
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100% Online

Say bye-bye to fax machines, because you can sign and bind using our digital platform.

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 A deeper look

Class Codes

Most class codes are acceptable, however, there are some exclusions due to reinsurance treaty agreements. View our successful classes of business.


If the owner hires a W2 employee during the policy period, we must be notified of payroll. The policy premium will be subject to audit and adjusted accordingly. Upon renewal the business owner will be moved into the Plus Program.

*Please note that businesses using subcontractors or day labor are ineligible for the program.
 Affordable with perks

The best option for minimum premium comp

Less Expensive

Everyone is feeling the effects of increasing workers' comp rates. Even minimum premium workers' comp rates, like the Assigned Risk Plan, keep going up. Solo X is more affordable than many minimum premium policies, even with the bonus accident policy.

Immediate coverage

When someone applies for a minimum premium workers' comp policy, they typically have to wait several days to find out if their application is approved by the insurance carrier. With Solo X, there's no waiting. We provide immediate coverage.

Appeal to hiring parties

Many general contractors require those working for them to carry their own insurance. Solo X offers quick, affordable proof of insurance so that contractors can get to work faster.

No carrier turnover

If you're looking for an inexpensive workers' comp option, you're most likely considering the Assigned Risk Plan. Save money and avoid the headache. Not only are we cheaper than Assigned Risk, we stick with the same carrier so you won't have to rewrite policies every few years.

No mid-term audit

Similar policies require business owners to be audited 30 days after the policy is bound, which is a hassle. Solo X simply requires a yearly audit. It's as easy as that.

Increased Limits available

We offer increased Employer Liability Limits, which is rare for minimum premium policies. If you need 'em, we got e'm.

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