Add an instant workers' comp quote form to your site, for free. No coding required.

Your competitors are offering instant quotes.
Are you?

Implement a free D2C workers’ comp quote form in minutes.

• Customize InsurForm with your logo
• Copy and paste the InsurForm link to your website
• Earn commission

Excluded owner-only policies.
Complete an app in two minutes and receive an instant quote.
No mid-term audits
Better than Assigned Risk
Quote, bind, issue

Ghost policy quotes, fast.

With options for increased limits and Waivers of Subrogation easily available.

Introducing: Solo X

Solo (owner-only) “X” (excluded)

Ghost policies, made easy? Yes, it’s true. With a few simple questions, you can access affordable quotes for your clients in seconds.

Our appetite

From handymen to trucking, retail to dog walkers, or plumbers to electricians, our expansive appetite can support hundreds of classes. Let’s make your client next.

Don’t write off ghost policies

Just write off the Assigned Risk for ghost policies

No mid-term audits. No long turnaround times. And, lower rates. Our stable markets, along with our expansive footprint, allows agents to swiftly obtain minimum premium workers’ comp ghost policies for their insureds through Solo X. Check out how SolePro compares to The Assigned Risk.

Find a lasting partner

Our carrier partners for the Solo X program are here because they want to be. Not because it’s state mandated. Work with a team that is dedicated to offering unique solutions for small workers’ comp accounts.

How it works

Open your computer

Complete a quick quote form, all online. No paper apps. No fax machines. Just you, your laptop, and a cup of joe.

Sign, bind, pay online

The journey is simple: never leave the platform (except to fill your cup of joe). From start to finish, it’s streamlined, all in platform – even servicing. Another perk: renewals are automatic.


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