Add an instant workers' comp quote form to your site, for free. No coding required.

InsurForm Guide
How to add an instant workers’ comp quote form to your website, for free.

No coding required.


InsurForm basics

Self-service D2C quoting, right from your website.

With InsurForm, agents can add an instant workers’ comp quote form to their website in minutes.

  • No coding required — it’s copy and paste
  • Make it yours — add your logo
  • Track and manage everything in SolePro
  • 100% free


Deliver a digital experience to your clients.

Easy, instant ghost policies. Not only that, compare quotes from 25+ standard and specialty carriers.


  • Accurate premiums — No indications
  • Bindable quotes
  • Automated tracking and journey management


It’s a no brainer.

With InsurForm, your clients can complete apps, sign, and pay on their own.

  • Clients can access instant quotes, around the clock
  • Gain powerful insights
  • Stay organized
  • Never miss a lead — data capture 24/7

How it works

The app process:

  1. Insured completes a quick, online application.
  2. Insured receives a quote.
  3. Should the insured wish to move forward, they click “Buy Now”.
  4. Insured signs.
  5. Insured pays.
  6. You receive an automated email to review and sign.

Implementing InsurForm:

You’re already registered with SolePro, which means you have immediate access to InsurForm. Now, all you need to do is copy the link, and paste it anywhere you see fit.

1. Click My Organization.

2. Scroll to the InsurForm settings and select the producer you’d like to assign the apps to in the SolePro dashboard. Click the Copy button.

3. Paste the custom InsurForm link on your website, email signature, marketing materials, and more! InsurForm can be shared via text, email, and QR code, as well.

Want to brand the form to your agency? Upload your agency logo!

Managing apps

You’re in complete control.

Just like any other app in SolePro, you can view all applications the insured submits in the Apps view in your SolePro dashboard. You can click the application at any point to track and manage the submission process. You can view the status, edit the app, message your underwriter, upload documents, and request to bind.


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