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Solo X Resource Guide
Helpful resources on Solo X, SolePro’s proprietary ghost policy program. Still have questions?


Solo X basics

“Solo” (owner-only) “X” (excluded)

Solo X is SolePro’s proprietary workers’ comp ghost policy product.

This instant workers’ comp program is for sole proprietors and other entities with zero employees, subcontractors, or day laborers.

Should the insured hire anyone during the policy period, you must notify SolePro in writing.


We cater to hundreds of classes of business

Solo X’s appetite is broad, and can serve an array of businesses — specifically catering to trucking, handymen, artisan contractors, home health professionals, retail operations, and many more.

View the complete Solo X appetite guide by state.


Payment information

Solo X is a fully earned minimum premium workers’ comp policy. The premium is based on the state’s minimum payroll. Should the Solo X policy cancel for any reason, the premium is non-refundable. Financing is nor permitted for this program.

View the premium breakdown by state and class code.


How it works

  1. Login to SolePro
  2. In the Apps dashboard, click New App > Solo X

  3. Complete a quick application to get an instant quote.

  4. Share the Quote PDF with your insured. 

  5. If they would like to proceed, click the Complete App button.

  6. After the app has been completely submitted, click Request Bind and enter your name in the Sign Application modal pop up to sign your name on required documents.

  7. The app will send an email to the insured with the Acord 130 and the Solo X Program agreement. The status will be Out for Signatures – Insured.
    • After both parties have completed signing, SolePro will countersign. The status will say Out for Signatures – Operations.
  8. Once everything is signed, the application status will become Ready for Payment. If the payment settings are set to Agency Pays, you will receive an email notification with a link to pay on behalf of the insured. Simply click Pay on the application overview to make a payment. You may pay with the insured’s credit card or an agency e-check. Insureds’ personal checks are not permitted. Payments must be completed in full through our platform. 

  9. After the app has been paid for, the carrier may conduct an underwriting review before binding to make sure the business fits the eligibility requirements. The status is “Bind Requested” during this final underwriting process. You will receive an email when the Binder and Policy become available in your Docs section, which can be found on your left sidebar in the App or Policy overview. The policy will become in-force and can be found in the Policy tab with an Active status. 

  10. To view or edit the active policy, click the Policy tab in the top navigation of the Policies dashboard view and select a policy to view.



Cimarron Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance company. They are broadly licensed across the property and casualty product line spectrum. Cimarron has an A Exceptional Financial Stability Rating which is a leading indicator of the financial stability of insurers.


Cornerstone and its founders have been in the PEO and insurance industry since the 1970s. In 2015, Cornerstone expanded their operations by becoming a licensed, full-service PEO. They are able to purchase a workers’ compensation policy through a large group policy by pooling together with all our clients.  This allows us to have more purchasing power, and thus get rates much cheaper than if your business purchased coverage individually.



The insured will be required to attach their most recent 1040 Schedule C, pages 1 and 2, when they sign the renewal documents. Here, they will also advise if they have hired any employees, subcontractors or day laborers. 

An audit may be processed with the carrier direct to the insured. The insured must comply with any audit requests. If employees, subcontractors or day labor were hired, the insured will be charged accordingly. 

Payroll discovery

If employees were involved, SolePro may rewrite the policy with a carrier outside of the Solo X program. 

Should the audit results come back showing contract payroll, additional premium will be charged and the Solo X policy will be canceled.


Add a self-service quote form to your website, for free.

Your insureds can complete insurance applications themselves using your own self-service InsurForm link.

1. Share the link with your insured
2. Insured fills out application
3. Insured receives an instant quote
4. Insured clicks Buy Now if they choose to move forward
5. Insured signs
6. Insured pays or Agency pays (you choose in your Payment Settings)
7. Producer receives an email to review and sign


All you have to do is copy the InsurForm link from your Agency Profile settings. And share anywhere! (Your website, marketing emails, direct texts, etc.!)

Want to learn more? Get Started With the InsurForm


Send the application to your insured to finish.

You got the instant Solo X quote, and your insured wants to move forward. Rather than asking them for the information and completing the app yourself, EasySend allows you to email the application link to to your insured directly. (And complete the application on their own time.) Once the information has been submitted, you will be notified it’s time to review and bind.

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