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Workers' comp shouldn't be so hard, so we made it easier

That's right. We created a system that does all of the hard work for you.

We have streamlined infamously tedious elements of writing insurance by making portions of the binding process completely digital. We offer an easy way to write minimum premium policies online, as well as flexible, custom plans for businesses and their employees.

"Registered agents have complete access to our programs, our insurance partners, and our online platform."

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Founded by workers' comp experts with decades of experience, SolePro has the knowledge necessary to change the workers' comp landscape. Comprised of a team with extensive comp training, we are available to help agents easily write and renew business. Prior to policy renewal, we do not charge fees and we do not have production requirements.

The simplicity of our interface allows technology to do the heavy lifting, and if you ever need help, SoloPro is only a quick email or phone call away. We look forward to writing business together.

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  • Online system
  • Fast processing
  • No mid-term audits
  • Access to standard carriers
  • Flexible, unique programs
  • Easy renewal process
 SolePro highlights

Quick binds

Fast processing is our goal. That's why our underwriters work to minimize wait time whenever possible, allowing you to get back to what you do best.


For many small businesses, affording the cost of commercial insurance isn't easy. Rather than leaving insureds with no coverage options, we've created affordable options, allowing business owners to have the policy they need without breaking the bank.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

We give you the tools you need to write small business comp without the headache. Speaking of headaches, we stick with the same trusted carriers, so you won't have to rewrite policies every few years.

 At a glance

Unique workers' comp programs

Solo X

  • Owners are excluded from coverage
  • Accident policy included
  • Online submission process

Our most popular plan offers minimum premium workers' comp with an added accident policy. Solo X excludes owners from coverage, and is designed for sole proprietors and businesses with no employees, subcontractors (1099ers), or day labor. Should an accident occur, the 24-hour accident policy provides coverage. This program has more benefits, and is less expensive, than the Assigned Risk Plan. Better yet, it's all online -- agents can quote, bind, and renew policies with the click of a button.

Solo I

  • Owners included
  • Optional accident policy
  • Financing accepted

Unlike many carriers, Solo I will provide coverage to business owners with no employees, subcontractors (1099ers), or day labor. Before, these business owners typically had to rely on the Assigned Risk Plan. With us, businesses with no employees can get the coverage they need, and at a very competitive price. Insureds can customize this plan, whether they are looking for increased limits, or are interested in adding an optional accident policy.


  • Owners can include / exclude
  • Optional accident policy
  • Pay Plans Available

This flexible program allows business owners with one or more (full-time or part-time) employees to get workers' comp at an affordable price. With Plus, insureds can choose to include or exclude themselves from coverage, and can have the peace of mind that their employees will be covered either way. Increased limits are available, as is an optional accident policy. Working with a fresh business? We consider new ventures.

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