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SolePro Launches New InsurForm Feature for Instant Insurance Quotes

SolePro Launches InsurForm

SolePro has introduced InsurForm, a new feature designed to streamline the delivery of insurance quotes. This D2C tool aims to meet the growing need for speed and efficiency in the insurance industry by giving independent insurance agents a way to provide their insureds with instant quotes.   

Instant Quotes to Meet Modern Needs

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone expects quick and accurate services, and insurance is no different. SolePro’s InsurForm offers a simple, user-friendly platform that agents can share with their insureds. Agents can enhance their agency UX flow by giving immediate insurance quotes from their own agency website. Agents can easily capture direct leads by pasting the InsurForm link on their website, marketing materials, and emails.

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How InsurForm Works

Completely free
• No coding necessary
• Copy and paste to your agency website
• Capture leads from your insureds 24/7
• Track and manage submissions from your SolePro dashboard

InsurForm makes the quoting process easy with an intuitive online interface. Users just need to fill out a straightforward form with basic information about their insurance needs. The platform then processes this data instantly, using advanced algorithms to generate precise quotes tailored to each user’s specific requirements.

Empowering Insurance Agents

For independent insurance agents, InsurForm is a valuable tool. It allows agents to provide their clients with immediate quotes, improving their service offering and competitiveness in the market. Agents can also use InsurForm to streamline their workflow, reducing administrative tasks and focusing more on client engagement and retention.

A Word from SolePro

“We’re excited to introduce InsurForm to our clients and partners,” said Trish Walker of SolePro. “This feature reflects our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By providing instant quotes, we’re meeting today’s consumer expectations and helping set a new standard in the insurance industry.”

Industry Reception

The launch of InsurForm has been well-received by both insurance professionals and customers. Early users have praised its efficiency and ease of use, noting that it significantly simplifies the process of obtaining insurance coverage.

Looking Ahead

SolePro plans to continue enhancing InsurForm with additional features and capabilities, ensuring it stays at the forefront of insurance technology. Future updates may include the expansion of commercial insurance programs  and integrations with other SolePro services.

SolePro’s InsurForm is set to transform the insurance quoting process for independent insurance agents, offering instant, accurate, and transparent quotes. This new feature not only meets the current demands of the market but also empowers insurance agents to provide better service. With InsurForm, SolePro continues to lead the way in delivering insurance solutions with its digital insurance platform.

For more information about InsurForm and to experience its benefits firsthand, visit SolePro’s InsurForm page.

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