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SolePro Launches Trucking Markets in California

SolePro has launched workers’ comp products in California for truckers!

SolePro, a leading provider of insurance solutions, has unveiled a range of tailored workers’ compensation products designed specifically for truckers in California. This significant development aims to address the unique needs and challenges faced by truck drivers operating in the state.

The introduction of these products marks a significant milestone for both SolePro and the trucking industry in California. With a comprehensive understanding of the demands placed on truckers and the importance of safeguarding their livelihoods, SolePro has crafted three distinct workers’ comp solutions:

1. Solo X

Solo X is an instant minimum premium workers’ comp ghost policy, with the owner excluded. Additionally, an optional 24-hour accident policy provides coverage both on and off the job. Solo X caters to both long haul and local drivers, ensuring comprehensive coverage regardless of the nature of their work.

2. Solo I

Designed specifically for owner-operators, Solo I provides workers’ comp coverage tailored to their needs. This product offers a streamlined solution for drivers without employees, providing them with the necessary coverage to protect their business interests. With financing options available, Solo I offers flexibility and peace of mind to owner-operators operating within a 150-mile radius.

3. Workers' Comp for truckers with employees

SolePro’s comprehensive workers’ comp solution caters to truckers with employees, allowing for inclusion or exclusion as needed. SolePro is offering markets for local trucking – but can cover some long-haul operations. SolePro’s workers’ comp markets ensures that their employees are protected in the event of accidents or injuries.

The launch of these specialized workers’ comp products underscores SolePro’s commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions that address the specific needs of truckers in California. By offering a range of options catering to different segments of the trucking industry, SolePro aims to enhance safety, security, and peace of mind for drivers and business owners alike.

Trucking is an essential industry that plays a vital role in California’s economy, transporting goods across the state and beyond. However, truckers often face unique risks and challenges, making comprehensive insurance coverage a necessity rather than a luxury. With SolePro’s innovative workers’ comp products, truckers can now access the protection they need to navigate their demanding profession with confidence.

As the trucking industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, SolePro remains at the forefront, committed to providing cutting-edge insurance solutions that meet the evolving needs of truckers in California and beyond.

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